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The doctor-patient relationship is central to the practice of dentistry and essential to the delivery of quality dental care. Is there a better place to get your dental plan than from your trusted dentist? We don’t think so!

Dental Savings

SolCARE is NOT an INSURANCE plan, but rather a Dental Savings Plan. It is not a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act. The plan does not make any payments to the providers. Enrollees will receive a predetermined and pre-negotiated discount from the providers UCR fees. Payments are due at the time of service.

  • Individual $99 per year
  • Spouse ad-on $79 per year
  • Kids ad-on $59 per year

Who Cares?! SolCARE

We understand that at times obtaining quality dental treatment may be difficult for various reasons, but we won’t want this to hinder our patients’ from obtaining the treatment they deserve! SolCARE is here to help.

“Multiple areas to save on” instead of transparent savings on exams and radiographs are always covered.

Basic procedures such as sealants, fillings, extractions and deep cleanings.

Major procedures such as crowns, root canals, bridges, dentures, and oral surgery.

25-50% Savings on All Dental Procedurres

Our members can rest assured that they will have access to all provided services with big discounts to make their dental treatment not only more affordable, but more enjoyable as well.

We thrive to maintain optimal oral health to all.

Sign up today and enjoy the benefits!

SOLCARE is as easy as A-B-C!

  • No Maximum
  • No deductible
  • No exclusions
  • No waiting periods
  • No claim forms