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Emergency Dentist Open Nights in El Paso, TX

Taking Care of Any and All Dental Emergencies

Urgent dental situations are never fun for anyone. They can in many situations be downright unbearable. If you have a dental emergency on your hands anywhere in El Paso, Texas, however, you never have to panic for long. That’s because our full-service local dental clinic is on hand to save the day. Sol Dental Care is an esteemed practice that gives customers in and around the city access to the most dependable and efficient emergency dental assistance around, plain and simple. We’re open around the clock no matter what to cater to all of your most time-sensitive and critical oral health dilemmas. 

Night Dentist in El Paso Texas

Need a night dentist in El Paso, TX? On weekdays we’re open later until than average dental offices, 7p.m., for your convenience. We’re also open Saturday from 9am until 1pm. We’re on hand all day long and into the evenings. It doesn’t matter if you have a major toothache on a Wednesday after work. It doesn’t matter if you have inexplicably bleeding gums first thing in the morning on a Saturday, either. We can assist you with any and all pressing oral health matters, and that’s a promise.

Leading Emergency Dental Care

Our emergency dentists cater to people of all different age groups. They’re well-versed in dental emergencies that are common in small children. They’re just as well-versed in dental emergencies that are common in adults as well. If you’re the parent of an active and energetic youngster who accidentally knocked his front tooth out playing sports, our emergency professionals can come to your aid. If you’re an adult who has a major toothache that may be related to the need for a root canal, our emergency professionals can still come to your aid.

There are all sorts of signals that are often related to the need for emergency dental care. If your teeth have experienced any kind of injury or trauma, then you need to reach out to us for emergency attention. If you have a tooth that has fallen out of your mouth for any reason under the sun, then we’re ready to serve you. Take note of typical indications of the need for prompt emergency dental assistance. These indications include stubborn tooth pain, bleeding of the gums, tooth splits and even swelling. If you have a tooth in your mouth that no longer seems firm in its position, emergency dental care is imperative. If you have swelling of the jaws, it’s just as imperative. Our team members are accessible regardless of the hour to assist you with everything from numbness to dental abscesses and beyond.

Affordable Emergency Dentist

We present our customers with in-depth payment plan options for emergency dental care. If you have an urgent situation and require prompt care outside of your insurance coverage, let us know. We take insurance such as DHA Assurant, Dentaquest and Cigna. We take many others as well.

Call Sol Dental Care now for more information about our efficient emergency dental assistance in El Paso.

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