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Teeth Cleanings El Paso

Standard Cleanings

Professional dental cleanings are performed by our team of registered Dental Hygienists. Each appointment includes an exam and the following:

Teeth Cleanings El Paso Tartar RemovalTartar (calculus) Removal: Tartar is a form hardened plaque that has been left on the tooth and is now attached to the tooth surface. Special dental instruments are required to remove Tartar from above and below the gumlines.

Teeth Cleanings El Paso Plaque RemovalPlaque Removal: Plaque forms on the teeth and is an almost invisible sticky film that is a growing area bacteria, food debris, and saliva. This causes inflammation of the gums and is the start of gum disease.

Teeth Cleanings El Paso Teeth PolishTeeth Polish: Our Hygienists will remove plaque and stain that cannot be removed during tooth brushing.

Deep Cleanings

Sol Dental hygienists will thoroughly clean and smooth your teeth, gemlike and roots to get at the active part of gum disease.  We use a local anesthetic to allow us to get a deeper clean and our Hygienists will flush your gums with peroxide to eliminate bacteria left after standard cleaning sessions.

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