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Root Canals El Paso

Root Canals El Paso Dental Tools

Filling Procedure

Root Canals work as solutions to issues surrounding the pulp tissue inside a person’s tooth.  This very sensitive area is particularly reactive to disease and internal conditions.  If the pulp in a tooth becomes infected, then it can result in severely painful inflammation.

When treating these issues, we first perform an examination to evaluate if a root canal will actually be effective. The process for the root canal is as follows:

  1. The teeth receive local anesthetic to numb them
  2. A small incision is formed
  3. Once the pulp is visible, dead tissue is extracted
  4. The chamber and its canals receive an antibiotic rinsing
  5. The hole is then resealed

Root Canal Sensitivity

Often after a root canal procedure the tooth area can remain highly sensitive for a prolonged, but temporary period.  This sensitivity can be handled with over-the-counter drugs and, in some cases, a porcelain crown can help provide additional protection.

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