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Is There a Difference in Floss? 

child flossing at dentist

The last time you took your child to their pediatric dentist, they probably told you that your little one should be flossing daily. You have your own floss you like to use, but you might be wondering if there’s a difference in floss and what type your kiddo should be using. Up ahead, we’ll review the differences for you.

Regular Floss

This is the floss you’ve probably been using your whole life, the little package you get every time you visit the dentist. It’s the most effective way to get between those little teeth and start your child off with healthy gums.

Waxed vs. Unwaxed

The only difference between these two is how easily the floss slides between your teeth. Waxed floss has more glide and is easier to use.

Especially for young children (who may not be too keen on the whole flossing thing), whatever you can do to make the process easier is a good idea, so we recommend waxed.

Flavored or Not

Whether or not the floss is flavored makes no difference on its effectiveness. It may, however, entice your child to floss more often.

It comes in many varieties like mint, cinnamon, and even more unusual flavors like chocolate and bacon. They don’t contain sugar, so don’t worry about doing any dental damage.

Floss Picks

These contain regular floss, they just hold the floss for you, making it a convenient option.

They are not as effective, however, since you can’t reach all of the angles you can with hand flossing. It’s not a very good option for children, either, as the device might be too big for their little mouths.

Dental Tape

Don’t let the name fool you – dental tape is basically just a wide, flat ribbon of floss. It’s a good choice for people with wider spaces between their teeth. It also comes in waxed or unwaxed. Since it’s thinner, it glides a little more easily between the teeth, so many people like to start their kiddos off with this.

Whether you use mint floss, dental tape, or regular waxed floss, it makes little difference. The most important thing is to get your kids to floss on a regular basis!