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How to Reduce Pain in Your Kid’s Braces

mouthguard to reduce braces pain

No one likes to see their child in pain, especially when it’s happening every few weeks from an orthodontic adjustment. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to manage braces pain until your child gets used to the tightening.

Ice Packs

What’s one of the first things you grab when your kiddo has an injury? The ice pack, of course. But have you ever tried it after your child’s orthodontist appointment?

Ice packs can be helpful in decreasing inflammation, swelling and pain. So next time, give it a try.

Cold Food and Drinks

If your child isn’t too keen on the idea of an ice pack against their cheek, try cold food and drinks instead.

Lucky for your kiddo, most cold foods are delicious – think popsicles, ice cream, or sorbet. They’ll be happy to munch on these, and their mouths will be happy to have less pain. Ice water and ice cubes work, too – just make sure they don’t chew!

Soft Foods

If you’re worried about your child existing solely on ice cream and popsicles, try softer foods for meals. They’ll get a free pass on raw veggies for a few days, but you can easily substitute mashed potatoes, smoothies, yogurt and soups.

Salt Water Swish

A popular remedy for sore throats, a warm salt water rinse will also help your child’s braces pain.

Just have them swish for one minute and it will help heal any sores and reduce infection and soreness. They can repeat this several times a day – if you can get them to!

Orthodontic Wax

If your kiddo has sores from rubbing brackets, orthodontic wax is the way to go. You simply roll it into a small ball and squish it over the offending bracket. It provides a smooth surface and will allow the gums and lips to heal.

Over-the-Counter Pain Reliever

Of course you should check with your pediatrician first, but over-the-counter pain relief such as ibuprofen is a common way to help ease the ache.

Another option is a numbing gel like Orajel. It can be applied directly to the gums or sore areas on the cheeks and lips. Bonus: Your kiddo will probably get a kick out of the weird, tingling sensation!

Mouth Guard

Your child might already wear a mouth guard during sports or physical activity, but did you know it can be helpful for braces pain too? Especially if the braces are consistently causing sores and irritation, a mouth guard may be a good option.

Braces for kids don’t have to be a painful experience. With these easy pain management techniques, your child might even start looking forward to those visits!