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Facing a Dental Emergency Around the Holidays? Here’s How To Deal With The 5 Most Common Dental Problems

Dealing With a Dental Emergency Around the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, which means lots of gifts, presents, and fun. But, what if you happen to sustain a dental emergency during the holidays? After all, nearly all dental offices are closed, making it difficult to get the care that you need. Fortunately for you, you’ll be fully prepared to deal with a dental emergency if something were to happen during the holidays. With that said, here’s how to deal with five common dental emergencies.

Broken Braces

If you’ve had braces before, you likely know the feeling of having a wire poke directly into your gum. This sensation can be extremely painful, often causing swelling, bleeding, and prolonged sensitivity. However, if you are unable to see a dentist or orthodontist, there are a few steps that you can take to relieve the pain. Start by using a soft object such as the back of a pencil eraser or a Q-tip to stop the wire from causing more harm to your mouth. From there, have a friend or family member use a pair of wire-cutting scissors to carefully cut a small piece of the wire.

Chipped or Knocked-Out Tooth

Losing permanent teeth is a serious dental issue, meaning the first step that you should take if your tooth gets chipped or knocked-out is to make an emergency call to the dentist. In the meantime, the first thing that you should try to do in the event of a chipped or knocked-out tooth is to attempt to preserve the tooth. Start by gathering any large fragments of the tooth. From there, try to place the tooth in its original socket and hold it there. If this is not possible, place the tooth into milk or a salt-water solution to keep it moist.

Sensitive Gums

Millions of Americans suffer from some degree of gum sensitivity. However, if your gums are severely inflamed, bleeding, or in extreme pain during the holidays, here’s what you can do. First, consider applying an at-home remedy to your swollen gums. A few effective remedies include rinsing your mouth with warm water and salt, chewing on cloves, and creating a paste using salt and ginger. If the pain does not subside, be sure to contact an emergency dentist to determine whether you have a more serious gum issue, such as periodontal disease.

Painful Toothache

Whether you were enjoying one too many sweets during the holidays, or there is a more serious issue at stake, there are a few measures you can take to relieve toothaches. To start, you should attempt to locate the source of your toothache. Try to determine if there is any food stuck between your teeth, or if there is discoloration inside your tooth. If you have food stuck between your teeth, try to remove it via flossing or gargling warm water. If the pain does not subside, consider taking over the counter medication until you can visit a dentist.

Lost Crown

If you lose a dental crown while you are eating or performing another activity, you should immediately stop and try to avoid swallowing the crown. Once you have removed the crown from your mouth, immediately rinse it off and dry it. At this point, you may be experiencing some moderate pain. If this is the case, we recommend applying a small bit of clove oil to the impacted area. If you can’t schedule an appointment with a dentist right away, attempt to put the dental crown back into place using dental cement or toothpaste. From there, make it a priority to see the dentist as soon as possible.