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Don’t Forget to Make a Dentist Appointment Before the End of the Year

kids first dental visitAs a busy parent, it may often seem like you do more juggling than a dozen circus clowns. Homework, sports and a never-ending stream of playdates and social obligations make it hard to find time to squeeze in other important priorities. Although it’s all too easy to put it off month after month, committing to your child’s oral health by making regular appointments every six months is one of the best gifts you can give to your family. 

Start Healthy Habits Early

Maintaining oral health is a lifetime job that is done best when good practices are ingrained early. Demonstrating to your child that it is a priority to get their teeth examined twice a year lets them know that it needs to continue to take precedence. 

Each time you visit the dentist, your child will get feedback from professionals on how they are doing with their brushing and flossing. The doctor and hygienist will demonstrate proper techniques and gently work with your child to modify methods that are not as efficient as is optimal. Praise, rewards and even constructive criticism can all be ongoing guides that lead to a strong foundation of oral care. 

Set the Stage For a Positive Attitude

You probably know plenty of adults who have such a fear of visiting the dentist that they have allowed their oral health to suffer. You definitely don’t want your son or daughter to experience the same fate someday. Thanks to the modern specialty of pediatric dentistry, kids can be at the center of their own mouth care. They are examined by doctors and staff who like children and are comfortable with them, people who know what are the best tried and true strategies to work with them. Young people who see dentists in a positive light become adults who don’t wait for years between checkups.

Receive Preventative Care

Cavities and other problems don’t go away if you ignore them; they get worse. Taking your child to the dentist regularly can ensure that tooth decay, gum issues and misalignment are caught early and that steps can be instituted to address problems and minimize their severity. Furthermore, proactive care often means that you save money in the long run. 

Set Your Child Up For a Healthy Adult Mouth

When baby teeth are compromised due to cavities and decay, damage can be done to the underlying structure of the gums. Often, a child’s diseased teeth may even fall out prematurely. As a result, their adult teeth can come in crooked or damaged. Although your son or daughter may still require braces in a few years, preventive pediatric dentistry can help to ensure that their adult teeth are as healthy and straight as possible before the orthodontic treatments begin. 

When your child’s oral care suffers, it can affect their overall health. In the most serious cases, bacteria from severe tooth decay can enter the bloodstream and cause systemic infections. Protecting and promoting your child’s dental health is just as important as are regular visits to your pediatrician. Both for your son or daughter’s sake now and in the future, it just makes sense to see your dentist soon whether you have dental insurance or not. To ensure that you don’t put this priority on the back burner, make the appointment before the end of the year.