Yellow Teeth in Kids: Why Are My Child’s Teeth Yellow?

With the introduction of new foods, many children are now facing a problem that is more common than ever before: yellow teeth. A recent study revealed that nearly one-third of American children between ages six and 11 have some form of dental discoloration. It’s important to consider your child’s diet when deciding if yellow teeth […]

Missing Teeth: What Happens if You Don’t Replace a Missing Tooth

The American College of Prosthodontists tells us that of the over 400 million Americans, 178 million have lost one tooth, and around 40 million have lost all of them. Aging is one of the causes of missing teeth. Diseases like diabetes cause bone loss which is a harbinger of lost teeth. Sporting injuries, tooth decay, […]

How Long Does a Dental Cleaning Take?

While dentists recommend that you go to the dentist for a professional cleaning every six months, some people are too afraid of the dentist to go. Cleanings are important for your oral health. They help prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Going to the dentist for a cleaning is a great way to prevent […]

Why Do My Teeth Hurt? 19 Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Do you have a toothache? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, one out of every three people in the world will suffer from dental pain at some point during their lifetime. Even worse, many people don’t know why they have a toothache and how to alleviate it. 19 Reasons Why Your Teeth Might Be […]

How to Prepare For Braces

When you decide to have orthodontic treatment, you’re making a life-altering decision. Braces are a big part of your life once you make this type of commitment. They affect your diet, chewing and sleep, and even academic and work habits. Yet, the final results make the time, money, and effort that you put into wearing […]

Why Do I Have Tooth Sensitivity to Cold and Sweets?

Have you ever been eating your favorite dessert or drinking some cold water and felt some oral discomfort? Typically, this sensitivity occurs because of enamel damage. This can be gradual or immediate depending on the circumstances. If you’re suffering from oral sensitivity, it’s important to know the potential causes as well as how to find […]

Dry Mouth While Sleeping: How to Prevent Dry Mouth At Night

Do you wake up with a desert-dry mouth or sore throat every morning? Do you wake several times during the night, desperate for a bit of cool water over your sticky, arid tongue, gums, and throat? Maybe you’ve got bad breath that doesn’t go away despite brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash exactly the way you […]

Sinus Tooth Pain: Can a Sinus Infection Cause Tooth Pain?

Around 30 million individuals in the U.S are diagnosed with a sinus infection every year. Most of these people are diagnosed with this infection in early fall and early spring. Allergies, particulate or chemical irritation of the sinuses are the major causes of this air cavity infection. Sinus Cavity Pain Sinus infection is often associated […]

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

Most people take their dental care seriously by brushing their teeth daily. It is very recommendable. However, the thought of replacing the toothbrushes rarely crosses their mind. We constantly focus on getting rid of the bacteria in our teeth and forget the important part, the germs left on the toothbrush. Brushes are not meant to […]

White Spots on Teeth: What Do They Mean?

Everyone desires to have white teeth for that sparkling smile. However, sometimes that desire is curtailed by tiny white spots that appear on the teeth making one overly self-conscious ultimately negatively impacting their self-esteem. What Do White Spots on Your Teeth Mean? White spots on teeth are a form of discoloration on the teeth. They […]